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Alex joined his Father in the business in 2012 and brings unique background to his work with Clients. He received a Bachelor of Science degree with a dual major in Mechanical Engineering and Trumpet Performance from Iowa State University of Science and Technology. He was a 2009 Corps Member for Teach For America, in which he served as a secondary mathematics teacher in rural North Carolina. Currently, Alex serves as an investment advisor for clients at LifePlan.

Where Mainstream Gets Retirement Planning Wrong

You've probably read a lot of online articles about retirement, finances or some combination. Anymore you can't go on Yahoo, CNN, or any big name website without seeing some article claiming the 'best' things to do financially in retirement. Or even more so - the most common 'pitfalls' to avoid! Working with clients everyday on [...]

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Retirement Planning: Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

Isn't it true when we make decisions we weigh the rational side (the numbers and facts) and the emotional side (what feels right, our perceptions)? Isn't buying a car a great example of balancing your rational side and emotional side? All those car ads speak to us emotionally and many times we need to 'justify' the rational side (talking [...]

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Understanding A Great Retirement Income Tax Strategy

The seasons are changing! On Tuesday, November 19th all 50 states woke up to below freezing temperatures! Winter is coming quickly bringing the end of the year. It signals two things, the Holiday celebrations, and maybe less pleasant, the end of the 2014 tax year. Taxes won't be due for a while, but certainly you'll [...]

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October 2014: A Roller Coaster Ride In The Market

Have you read the market headlines? October has been a volatile month for the markets. Just take a look at these headlines and dates from Morningstar: Over three days here’s what happened with the Dow Jones. 10/7/2014: -272 points; -1.6% 10/8/2014: +274 points; 1.64% (Largest gain in 2014) 10/9/2014: -335 points; -1.97% (Largest Loss in [...]

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The Truth About Bonds: Are They Actually Safe?

Let's start with some of the basics. When people invest their money they typically discuss the percentage that they invest in stocks and in bonds. You've probably heard the older you get the more you should invest in bonds and the less you should invest in stocks. You may have also heard 'rules of thumb' that [...]

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