Traditional financial planning typically focuses on historic returns, the risks of stocks versus bonds, and the placement of accounts and products. This approach may initially provide some impressive sounding accounts, but it does little to generate lasting confidence and peace of mind. Imagine a coach leading his team onto the field after half time with a great list of plays, but no game plan. It’s no wonder so many retirees approach the second half of their life with anxiety and apprehension.

Are you, like many retirees and pre-retirees, a little uncertain about where your retirement income is going to come from?

  • From which specific account and in what year?
  • How will it be taxed?
  • How should you elect Social Security or pension benefits?
  • Will your income be secure?
  • How long will your money last?

Only 29% of people actually approach retirement with a written retirement plan.1

Even less have a plan that provides income and positions their assets in the most secure, tax efficient and estate friendly way.


At LifePlan Group, We Believe In The Power Of A Great Plan!

Our aim is to be the advisor that helps you create and live out your retirement dreams with confidence. We believe there are four critical pieces to your retirement puzzle.

  • Assets
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Estate

Is Your Retirement Puzzle Coordinated?

Each of your accounts is a tool you use to build your overall plan. We believe the tools used should be selected based on the actual job you need it to do. Sounds pretty basic – unfortunately that’s not very common. For example, it is common for a retiree to have a portfolio invested for “growth and income” from which they draw – income. So what if the “growth” part has a bad year? Might that affect your income. We often recommend multiple accounts, each best positioned to do its particular job for you. This takes more time, but achieves better results.
Has your financial advisor reviewed your tax return recently? If not how can they advise you on the tax implications of any investments accounts? How would they know if your “tax exempt” municipal bonds are, in fact, being taxed (they can be!); or if a Roth conversion is in your best interest? Do they project your Required Minimum Distributions at age 70 and help you minimize that tax impact? Subjecting yourself to unnecessary taxation has the same impact as experiencing a loss in the market – actually worst, you can’t recover money sent to the IRS! We owned a tax practice for several years and pay close attention to this area for our clients.
Something as simple as an incorrect beneficiary designation on a retirement account (which is far to common) can ruin the most carefully constructed and sophisticated estate plan. We work closely with estate attorneys and we are fully familiar with Wills, Power of Attorney (Financial & Medical), Revocable Living Trusts, various Irrevocable Trusts and charitable gifting techniques. We can help you understand how these tools might benefit you, however we do not provide legal advice and do encourage working with an attorney who specializes in these areas.
Products designed for protection from calamities are essential to any secure retirement. This might be as simple having an adequate Umbrella Liability policy, as complex as a Second To Die Legacy Life Insurance plan, or a specialized product that provides both Long Term Care benefits and a death benefit. May people don’t realize, Social Security is also an insurance piece. Social Security is a Federal Insurance Program and it is critical to make the best decision for your circumstances.

Do You Have Accounts, But No Game Plan?

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like you have a bunch of accounts, but you aren’t sure how they work together and what they will actually accomplish? Unfortunately, this is common and can lead to costly mistakes. You deserve more than “cookie cutter” solutions to your unique circumstances and goals.


Serving as your advisor with a fiduciary duty, we will create a specific plan targeted to your actual situation in your best interest. If your goals require a portion of your assets to be placed in secure insured solutions, we are insurance licensed. For goals that are best met with growth oriented market solutions we provide institutional style, individually managed, highly diversified investment accounts.

Our goal is to help keep you on the path towards financial security and independence because we believe everyone deserves a secure, independent retirement.

We pro-actively consider income tax issues and closely coordinate our work with efficient estate provisions. Your plan, what you need your money to do for you, drives all of our recommendations and will help guide your decisions.

No two situations are alike. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm of North Carolina we work with a fiduciary duty putting your interest above all else. Our job is to understand your goals and leverage our experience to help you best align your resources to achieve your dreams.


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