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You’ve Worked Hard For Your Money.

We’ll Work Just As Hard To Help You Protect And Grow It.

Will I Run Out Of Money In Retirement?

When can I afford to Retire? How do I know if I have enough? These are common questions that need to get answered to provide peace of mind and confidence.
This is a big concern of the Baby Boomer Generation. No matter have much you have, you need the confidence it will last.

Will I Be Able To Enjoy A Comfortable Retirement?

Now, more than ever before, retirees are scared to spend the money they have because they fear losing it.
It’s important to have the confidence to enjoy your money now and the confidence that it will last.

Will I Be Able To Afford The Healthcare I Need, When I Need It?

Increasing medical costs, unexpected health issues. This is a concern that needs addressed.
As life expectancy increases, we all know someone who needs additional medical support. Do you have a plan to cover those costs?

You’re Not Alone. Discover How We Help Our Clients.

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We Are Proud To Put Our Clients’ Interests First

We work with our clients as a

fiduciary. Simple put, by law we are required to put our clients’ interest above our own.

The financial industry is regulated with two different standards: a suitability standard and a fiduciary standard. It’s important to work with an advisor who sits on your side of the table, who truly works for you, not a brokerage company. Discover the fiduciary experience – no pressure, no hidden or unexpected fees, and no canned solutions. We work for you and provide knowledgeable guidance specific to your situation.
Have you thought much about how financial advisors are licensed or get paid? It’s important to understand their bias or conflict of interest. Have you ever been curious of the answers to any of these questions: I trust my advisor, but who does my advisor trust? How does my advisor make money? Am I being sold products or being advised? We believe in the power of these answers. Learn more about the LifePlan Difference.
My goal when I started this journey over 20 years ago, was to build a firm that would educate, empower, and help our clients see, perhaps for the first time in their lives, the picture of the future they want to build for themselves.
Ken Sutherland, President

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