We put clients’ interests above all else

LifePlan Group is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm which requires us to work in your best interest. We work for you, not a brokerage company. We take pride in working with our clients as a fiduciary, it allows us to work with a higher standard.

LifePlan was founded in 2003 with a simple mission: put the client first. Using that as a baseline for everything we do, we have become our clients’ advisor that they can count on. To our clients, we are their ‘retirement coach,’ helping them make wise financial decisions so they can enjoy the best years of their life. Proper planning is critical for a successful retirement, which is why we work to build strong retirement plans that are focused on our clients’ vision for retirement.

To do this, we start with one question that guides all of our planning, “What’s the purpose of your money?” The most important part of retirement planning isn’t the numbers, it’s what’s behind the numbers, we call it the true purpose of your money. Now a days you can find plenty of advice all over, but who do you trust? We’ve chosen to set our self apart with complete transparency on how we are licensed and how we get paid. It’s what we like to call The LifePlan Difference.

Our Location

8341 Bandford Way, Suite 107
Raleigh, NC 27615

We are retirement coaches, helping our clients make wise financial decisions. Our unique, holistic approach coordinates Assets, Taxes, Insurance, and Estate issues. As a result, our clients achieve peace of mind knowing they have a secure, efficient, retirement plan.
We believe our clients are more important than their money. We approach our planning by putting the interests of our clients first and foremost. We plan with a holistic approach, focusing on all financial areas that impact our clients. We believe retirement planning should be centered around a defining vision that fulfills the dreams of our clients – money is just a tool to achieve those dreams. We believe in working as a fiduciary to our clients, so we can focus our work on providing advice and being the trust advisor our clients deserve.
Our investment philosophy is built around the idea that our clients shouldn’t live their life according to the market. Our investment recommendations stem from the answer to this very important question, “What’s the purpose of your money?” When, and only when, that question is answered can we determine to invest in conservative insurance accounts or growth oriented market accounts. We believe it is our job to make sure the focus of our clients financial accounts is centered on achieving their purpose.

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